Relief in Need

Croydon Relief in Need was established to provide financial assistance for people of all ages living in Croydon who are in need, by reason of poverty, age, disability or other disadvantage, and who are resident in the London Borough of Croydon.

Relief in Need derives most of its funds from the Croydon Almshouse Charities, and our committee meets quarterly or as necessary to make decisions on how to distribute the funds fairly to best meet the needs of local people.

Our funds have been used in a variety of ways, for example providing accommodation, recreational and other facilities, counselling, equipment, and other types of support. See below for quotes from some of the recent recipients of our funds. Our aim is to provide support as widely across the Borough of Croydon as possible, with a preference for one-off grants towards specific projects, rather than ongoing core costs, although we can be flexible on this.

What previous recipients say about our grants:

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"Croydon Relief in Need donated £5,000 in 2013 to fund Giggle Doctor visits to children at The Royal Marsden Hospital. Thanks to Croydon Relief in Need, the Giggle Doctors have brought music, magic, fun and laughter to over 500 poorly children."
Dr Charlotte Wilson, Chief Executive

"With the generous support of Croydon Relief in Need we are able to run a programme in performing and digital arts and create a Community Show at the BRIT School. We will access local residents, school children and individuals facing disadvantage or deemed as marginalised in the community, such as the elderly and people with disabilities, victims and perpetrators of crime, and school-phobic teenagers - aiming to show how the role of art can make life better."
Stuart Worden, Principal

"The grant from Croydon Relief in Need provided us with the means with which to purchase outright an eye gaze system and mount for a 16 year old boy from Croydon who has Cerebral Palsy with no speech. This device will be life-changing for this young man, by enabling him to communicate socially, facilitate his education, allow him a greater degree of independence and so boost his confidence and self-esteem."
Liz Downes, Charity Manager

"Croydon Relief in Need Charities has been a superb supporter of the South East Cancer Help Centre for a great many years and in December 2013 very generously donated £10,000 to help us support those affected by cancer in the local community. The grant enabled us to deliver 400 therapy sessions both at our Centre in Purley and our Outreach facility at Croydon University."
Liz French, Fundraiser

"Croydon Mencap secured valuable funding from Relief in Need to start a new Carers Welfare Service in August 2013, which is still running today. This service has enabled us to provide practical and emotional support, advice, information and guidance to over 120 carers, and also has given us the opportunity to set up a new Carers Connect Lunch Club. One carer said of our service: I feel far more supported than I have done for years. Thank you."
Nicky Smith, Welfare & Benefits Adviser.

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